Terms & Conditions

This event is to raise awareness and promote the importance of being seen and being safe on the road in dark winter months

  1. All participants in the event must register using the online registration form and ride at their own risk
  2. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult - NOT an older sibling
  3. All participants MUST wear a cycle helmet and Hi-Vis clothing
  4. All bicycles must be in good working order
  5. All bicycles must at least be fitted with working bike lights
  6. Decorating bikes with lights is optional, but a prize will be given for the most brightly lit bicycle
  7. Registrations are limited to 200
  8. A Goody Bag will be given to the first 100 registrations received
  9. NO Balance Bikes in the GLOW PARADE through the village. Participants MUST be able to ride a bike
  10. Children under 16 in the GLOW PARADE must be accompanied by a cycling adult
  11. Last of all.....

Enjoy The Event

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